Born in the Metaverse, 11APE is the first Artist Signed to E11EVEN Music, The Latest Vertical of the Rapidly Growing E11EVEN Ecosystem

Published: August 17, 2022
Outlet: EDM Nomad

The E11EVEN brand, known for its world-famous Ultraclub E11EVEN Miami, has officially launched DJ/Producer 11APE, the first artist signed to E11EVEN Music, a new vertical that will operate as a record label and artist/producer management company. 11APE’s debut single, ‘Bad Girls’ alongside recording artist Vikina from Mr. 305 Records, is now available on all streaming services. A partnership between Mr. 305 Records and E11EVEN Music, ‘Bad Girls,’ is being distributed by Sony Music’s The Orchard.

“After we purchased Bored Ape Yacht Club #11 and put the E11EVEN hat on it, the ape was brought to life, and 11APE was born. We are so proud of ‘Bad Girls,’ 11APE’s first single with Vikina, and collaborating with Mr. 305 Records on it has been incredible. We can’t wait for what’s in store – from major performances to releasing new music to big collaborations – 11APE is officially beyond the metaverse” said Gino LoPinto, Operating Partner of E11EVEN Music and E11EVEN Miami.

Adds Vikina, “Collaborating with 11APE on ‘Bad Girls,’ with the E11EVEN Music team, and Mr. 305 Records, where I have the honor of being the first Latin EDM signed artist, has been an amazing experience. I know 11APE shares my excitement that ‘Bad Girls’ is available now on all streaming services!”

11APE, the first artist signed to E11EVEN Music, was born meta-primate #11 in the Bored Ape Yacht Club. After being purchased by E11EVEN, 11APE was transformed into a super-sapien. The producer/composer embeds party vibes into its creativity with beats and lyrics that make people want to sing, dance, and love, which was on full display when 11APE made its DJ debut at E11EVEN Miami on Friday, August 5. Vikina, the Miami-born artist of Ecuadorian-Cuban Latin heritage, made a surprise appearance during 11APE’s set for a live performance of their new single ‘Bad Girls.’

“The latest vertical of the E11EVEN ecosystem, E11EVEN Music, has been in discussion for quite some time and is especially close to my heart; music is why I entered the nightlife business 30 years ago,” added LoPinto. “My partner and E11EVEN concept creator Dennis DeGori, and co-founders Michael Simkins and Marc Roberts, have fully embraced this new venture, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is just the beginning!”