Let It Go | Jeremy Elliot

Bad Girl$ | Vikina ft. 11APE

Beyond the Metaverse

Introducing DJ/Producer 11APE, the first artist signed to E11EVEN Music, a new vertical that will operate as a record label and artist/producer management company. 11APE was born meta-primate #11 in the Bored Ape Yacht Club. After being purchased by E11EVEN, 11APE was transformed into a super-sapient. With other live performances and more big-name collaborations in the works, 11APE has officially gone beyond the metaverse.  
The new single, “Let it Go,” features vocals from Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Jeremy Elliot. It will surely be a dance floor banger with Jeremy’s growling rock vocals and big pop hooks mixed with 11APE’s energized club beats.

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